Refer Your Connections. Earn Big.

It’s never been easier to monetise your networks and connections to earn meaningful monthly cash rewards.

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For every successful contractor referral you can earn 2% of the day rate for every day worked. Permanent hire referrals can earn you handsome lump sum rewards linked to salary bandings.

A single referral can earn you £100 to £400+ per month for the entire contract even if extended. For permanent hires earn lump sum rewards of £800 to £1600.      

And if the referral comes via your network referral chain you still earn! It’s just divided equally between you.


Refer Your Connections

You know good people. So why not quickly and easily refer each other.


Earn Large Financial Rewards

We can all do with extra money each month. So we made it meaningful.


Referrals Pay Significant Rewards

For every successful referral you will earn every month or a generous lump sum.


Altruism Helping
Colleagues & Friends

In today’s world we have little time so helping each other means more than ever.


Track All
Network Activity

All your network activity is updated real time so you can easily keep track.



Our charter focuses on the highest ethics and full transparency for all stakeholders.

Associate Rewards

How does the cash reward system work?

Refer great people in your network for top contracts to earn significant cash rewards. Our multi-level reward system is both unique and generous, paying 2% commission of a contract’s day rate.

If, for example, you were to have two successful referrals concurrently, one for a role at £400 per day and the other at £600 per day, you would be expected to earn around £380* per month for the entire duration of the contracts. If they are extended you will continue to earn automatically!

For permanent referrals you will be rewarded £800 for salaries up to £50k, £1200 for salaries up to £100k and £1600 for salaries of £100k+.

Contractor Day RateMonthly Cash RewardsFor Example
Cash Rewards For A 12 Month Contract

*We have estimated the commission rates based on the contractor working an average 19 days per month. The actual cash rewards paid each month will depend on the actual day rate that was negotiated directly with the contractor and the business at interview (which may differ to the original advertised rate) and the number of days actually worked each month.

Earn Great Rewards Even If You’re In A Network Chain

What’s more, if your part of a network chain sharing jobs our multi-level reward system
ensures that you still directly benefit from successful referrals.


Direct Chain


2 Level Chain


3 Level Chain

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