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Avoko's platform helps companies build great teams through tapping into the trusted extended networks of those who know the company best; the employees.

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Avoko’s mission is simple; we help companies build teams where everyone trusts one another, because everyone knows one another.

How have we gone about this?

Avoko have developed a platform which incentivises your employees to forward vacancies to this Extended Network of trusted individuals, all while costing less than a job board!


How Does It Work?

Your Employees…


Receive the vacancy to their Avoko app


Forward the vacancy to high-performers in their networks who fit the company culture

Referred Candidates…


Receive a link to the vacancy


Apply, or forward the vacancy to high-performers in their own networks



Are instantly forwarded to your ATS


Each applicant comes with the approval of those that know the company culture best; the employees


Compared with general applicants, Referrals:

  • Generate a better ROI, according to 82% of managers
  • Are preferred by 90% of managers for quality of hire
  • Are 10x more likely to accept your job offer
  • Are 4x more likely to stay on past 3 years
  • Generate 25% more profit

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Companies using Avoko report:

  • A 40% increase in referrals hired
  • At least 3 referrals per vacancy listed
  • A 25% cost saving per hire
  • A 20% quicker time-to-hire

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Avoko focuses on building great teams:

  • This means we don’t just stop at people employees know immediately
  • The question isn’t ‘who do I know & trust?’
  • The question becomes ‘who do they know & trust?’
  • Vacancies might only be broadcast to a handful of employees
  • But the number of high-performing, trusted individuals actually reached through an Avoko Referral is massive

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Our Integrations


Avoko integrates quickly and easily with many ATS systems


Keep In Mind

We specialise in permanent, temporary, and contract roles

The Avoko platform works across all sectors; our current partners reside in the technology, finance, retail, hospitality, and transport & logistics sectors.

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Get The Free Avoko App

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Then start inviting people from your phone contacts to join your Avoko network.

You can then all easily start accessing, sharing and even adding jobs.

Apply for roles you’re interested in or refer people in your networks to start earning very generous monthly cash rewards.

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