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Job List

Job List

View All Jobs Shared With You From Your Networks or Avoko

  • Invite your connections to become Referrers so you can all enjoy the benefits.
  • Exclusive jobs are sent to you by your exclusive networks. Apply or share.
  • Broadcasted jobs are shared by Avoko with all Associates. Apply or share.
  • Filter jobs by location, rate and role.
Shared Jobs

Shared Jobs

View Jobs You Share with Real-Time Network Activity Statuses

  • Shared by me tab shows details of the jobs you shared from the job list.
  • Add jobs with approval from your company and share with your network connections.
  • Added by me tab lists your added job details plus all related network activities and statuses.
  • Review CVs sent directly to you and submit the best for Avoko’s expert review.
Efficient Communications

Efficient Communications

Network Lists, Real-Time Statuses, Notifications And Chat Functionality

  • Timelines show all related network activities and real-time statuses for applications and shared jobs.
  • Activities shows the number of connections that jobs have been shared with and the CVs submitted.
  • Notification alerts with visual icons for all key activities – so you’re always in the loop.
  • Chat functionality includes group chat to communicate easily within your networks.
My Hub

My Hub

Your Rewards Hub, Job Application Statuses And Profile Settings

  • Rewards shows all your successful referrals, total earned and fund balance available.
  • In Fund you can cash out any balances and view your full fund statement with all transactions in and out of your account.
  • Applied shows jobs you applied for with the status of pending applications.
  • Settings to manage your admin – profile, passwords, bank accounts, notifications etc.

The Avoko Web Portal

We’re More Than Mobile…

  • Web App – Provides enhanced functionality and more space to work on your desktop. Includes a task management framework and detailed archives of all activities and statuses to maintain full transparency.
  • Communities – Launching soon. Start or join communities of like-minded people to discuss topical issues, new technologies and problem solving. Have some fun along the way and attend (or organise) Avoko supported events!
  • Blog – Raise your voice and profile by submitting an interesting post for our thought leadership blog. Your words could be published on our platform, anonymised or authored.

Get The Free Avoko App


Get The Free Avoko App

Simply download and register as an Avoko Associate in 2 minutes.

Then start inviting people from your phone contacts to join your Avoko network.

You can then all easily start accessing, sharing and even adding jobs.

Apply for roles you’re interested in or refer people in your networks to start earning very generous monthly cash rewards.

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