Does Finding The Very Best Talent Feel Like This? We Can Help

Your jobs + our Associate referral networks + our Experts screening and vetting.

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Diversify your recruitment strategy with a powerful, robust proposition.

Access higher calibre, hidden passive talent through our professional Associate networks combined with our powerful unique and genuine expert panel screening and vetting.

We supercharge your efforts with no integration, no cost and no risk.


Access High Quality Hidden Talent

We dig deeper outside the ‘traditional agency’ box engaging with professionals and their powerful trusted networks.


Lower Hiring

Demand for the best talent is fierce, we focus on quality whilst lowering hiring costs through our unique efficient platform.


Genuine expert screening and vetting

Vetting using our own exceptional Subject Matter Experts make us truly unique and powerful, saving you time.


Professional Associate Networks

We do not use social media channels, its restricted to genuine Associate networks to retain integrity of our proposition.


No marketing
or Job Boards

All jobs added on Avoko are treated with full confidentiality. We do not market externally or advertise on job boards.


Avoko Ethical

At Avoko we believe in transparency, honesty and integrity. Our Charter clearly defines our values and code of conduct.

Simple Process

We do all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

Add Jobs

Avoko add your jobs onto the platform and share
with the Associates.

Or you can encourage your teams to add jobs
directly and share via the App.

*Avoko will never share or advertise any job details externally on
any job boards or with any agencies.


Avoko send a confirmation email to the Hiring Manager with no
obligation terms.

You can discuss any detailed specific requirements with Avoko.

Expert Vetting

Avoko Associates access and share with trusted networks,
apply or forward referrals.

Avoko Experts carry out independent vetting and screening of
all candidates.

Candidate Shortlist

Avoko submits candidate shortlist to the Hiring Manager.

Interview your preferred candidates and just inform Avoko of
your chosen hire and any background checks required.


Avoko will send out a standard agreement via email for sign off.

Approval and submission of time sheets & invoices simply
follow your current process (for contractors).

Better Quality Talent & Service Levels
While Lowering Hiring Costs

We achieve this by creating significant efficiencies through our
disruptive technology and its completely new approach.

Building long term partnerships delivering great talent whilst also
passing on cost savings to our Business Hiring Partners.

Note : Avoko pays the Associate Rewards

Traditional Agency




Just how much could your business
save with Avoko?

1 20+

£300 £1,000+

10% 35%

Typical monthly cost savings via Avoko


Annualised business cost savings based
on a 12 month contract via Avoko


These examples are for illustrative purposes only and use some assumptions. Actual savings will be subject to other variable factors dependent on the
individual Business specific requirements.

The difference between an ordinary hire and an extraordinary hire

Trust Avoko to pinpoint talent for your business.

No integration, no cost, no risk.

Just massive benefits for limited effort.

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