Imagine If Every Hire Was Through A Referral

Avoko lets your employees tap into the networks they have been carefully curating for years, in order to refer candidates they know and trust.

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The Next Essential Hiring Platform.

Diversify your recruitment strategy using a powerful, referral-based marketplace for talent.

Tap into your employees networks to access high calibre, trusted talent through Avoko’s network referral system.


Access High Quality Hidden Talent

The best talent isn’t using job boards or recruiters; Avoko essentially lets your employees headhunt those they know.


Lower Hiring

Not a recruiter, not a job board. We’re a platform – we charge a small monthly subscription and let you decide how much to pay for referrals


Measuring Intangibles

Extended Referrals mean the questions of ‘how will they perform?’, and ‘will they fit in?’ have already been answered for you


Professional Referral Networks

We do not use social media channels, it’s restricted to genuine Referral networks to retain integrity of our proposition



All jobs added on Avoko are treated with full confidentiality. We do not market externally or advertise on job boards


Avoko Ethical

At Avoko we believe in transparency, honesty and integrity. Our Charter clearly defines our values and code of conduct

Simple Process

We do all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to

Add Jobs

Add your vacancies onto the ATS and Avoko shares them automatically to your organisation.

*Avoko will never share or advertise any job details externally on any job boards or with any agencies.


Avoko sends a confirmation email to the Hiring Manager.

Discuss any detailed specific requirements with Avoko.

Network Referrals

Employees share the vacancy with their trusted networks.

Their networks go on to share the vacancy with their own networks.

3 Levels

Referred colleagues and friends may apply for the position themselves, or forward it onto their own networks.

This continues for 3 levels, to ensure exposure to top candidates.


Applicants are automatically forwarded to the ATS.

The hiring manager is able to review these internally, with the added assurance that these candidates have been known for years by their employee networks.

Better Quality Talent
While Lowering Costs

We achieve this by creating significant efficiencies through our
disruptive technology and its completely new approach.

Building long term partnerships delivering great talent whilst also
passing on cost savings to our Clients.

Just how much could your business
save with Avoko?

1 20+

£300 £1,000+

10% 35%

Typical monthly cost savings via Avoko


Annualised business cost savings based
on a 12 month contract via Avoko


These examples are for illustrative purposes only and use some assumptions. Actual savings will be subject to other variable factors dependent on the
individual Business specific requirements.

The difference between an ordinary hire and an extraordinary hire

Trust your employees to find further talent.

No integration, no cost, no risk.

Just massive benefits for limited effort.

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